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Practice makes better

…as my uncle Edgar says, because nobody is perfect. Our class’s earlier round of practicing playing for dancing was such a success that we did it again. Fifteen-minute solo timeslots, and a lot of really quite good dance music.

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Andrea and I spent a lovely afternoon at our friend Leif Alpsjö‘s house playing tunes with nice folks. We stopped at Viksta-Lasse’s memorial stone in Viksta on the way there. Everyone of course brought their own fika. I kind of forgot to take pictures during the more populous parts of the day.

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Salty dog rag

This week’s Tobotorsdag concert featured playing by the Tierps spelmanslag, and sometimes also dancing by Strömbergs folkdansgille. I took a couple of quickie little movies I thought y’all might be interested to see: The salty dog rag — showing its roots as a schottis variant. The tune we know for it was nowhere to be […]

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Dance week at ESI

This week we’ve had an extra 18 people here for a week-long dance course. That’s a lot of people in the kitchen, and a lot of shoes! Tuesday evening we had a special dance night with Kjell-Erik Eriksson and Patrik Andersson, each of whom was here for part of the week playing for the dancers. […]

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Lots of guest teachers

We’ve had a whole fleet of special guests already this semester. Bo Larsson came to share some Uppland fiddle tunes, stories about Viksta-Lasse, some show-and-tell, and a couple of songs, and then after lunch he also played for dancing. Mats Andersson helped us prepare for our Wik visit by teaching us about writing lead sheets […]

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Friday at Skeppis

One of my favorite new albums is the brand-new Ek-Ahlberg-Roswall record Vintern, which is brilliant on oh-so-many levels. And we enjoy Niklas Rowall as one of our regular-if-infrequent teachers. So we were all excited that his band was going to play in Stockholm on a date we could actually get there, so we could see […]

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