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Library card

I found something exciting and official you can do without a personnummer in Sweden: get your very own library card! So now I know where the library is in Tierp, and I have a (small) pile of (children’s) books to prove it. I also conducted the whole errand in Swedish — except that I discovered […]

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Spelträff i Grillby

On Sunday I had my first spelträff (play date) with Alice, the buttonbox player we met at the Byss-Calle stämman last month. She is, it turns out, the only woman riksspelman on durspel (two-row button accordion) today. When someone asked me recently what’s been the most fun thing that’s happened since I got to Sweden, […]

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First week of school

Our course has begun! Everyone was here in time for Wednesday lunch, right on schedule. The rest of Wednesday was orientation, mostly in Swedish but with some of the general info about staff & facilities in English. We opened with a slängpolska demo (Olov on fiddle, Ditte on ‘harpa, Ami and Andreas dancing), and later […]

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Well-rounded first day

We had a bit of extra drama getting onto the train from Arlanda to Tobo. It all seemed perfectly straightforward until I needed an extra 30 seconds to tuck something back into my pack, which problem I discovered just as the train pulled to a stop in the station. Mills gathered his stuff, went to […]

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