Umefolk festival report

OK, so maybe traveling to Helsinki and Tallinn and Umeå all in the same week is not the most restful possible vacation…

What a great little festival! Again, as at Linköping last fall, there were so many good concerts I wanted to go to that there wasn’t really any time left over for jamming. Favorites: Marin/Egeland/Molsky (the end of their couple-week tour; sadly no CD from this project yet), Limbohofvet (one of Lena Jonsson’s latest ventures; they played both concert and dance sets), Ahlberg/Ek/Roswall (of course), our classmates’ band Tvär.

Our late-night dance-set gig was a moderate success, I would say. We had put in a lot of work on our set during the preceding weeks — including a swath of that Saturday morning, since the festival didn’t start until midafternoon — and I would characterize it as sounding a little more like we’d been working hard and a little less like we were just up there remembering to have fun. But our friends who came to dance gave us positive reviews, and we did have a respectable number of dancers despite being scheduled opposite the insanely popular Nordic. Also my bow did not implode after all, though it had recently lost its ability to tighten/loosen — fortunately it was stuck at a playable level of tension.

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