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Practice makes better

…as my uncle Edgar says, because nobody is perfect. Our class’s earlier round of practicing playing for dancing was such a success that we did it again. Fifteen-minute solo timeslots, and a lot of really quite good dance music.

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Andrea and I spent a lovely afternoon at our friend Leif Alpsjö‘s house playing tunes with nice folks. We stopped at Viksta-Lasse’s memorial stone in Viksta on the way there. Everyone of course brought their own fika. I kind of forgot to take pictures during the more populous parts of the day.

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Jeanette & Mats at Stallet

Jeanette Eriksson and Mats Berglund played an awesome concert-and-dance gig at Stallet. I didn’t make it to the show myself, but Andrea brought me a couple of little movies — and Jeanette said it was OK for me to post them for y’all, yaay! Slängpolska efter Johan Christian Blomgren — one of my favorite tunes […]

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