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We spent an intense and rewarding 2012–13 school year in Sweden, studying fiddle and nyckelharpa at the Eric Sahlström Institute. ESI is the epicenter of the nyckelharpa universe; it’s located in Tobo, a couple hours’ drive north of Stockholm. The town is tiny, but is nevertheless a familiar name both to nyckelharpa players around the […]

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Yesterday I played my ~audition for the Zorn Jury, and was awarded my bronze medal, woo hoo! It is kind of weird to try to write about the whole thing in English. You can read some context about the system in this article about the title Riksspelman, which is what I would become later if […]

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Practice makes better

…as my uncle Edgar says, because nobody is perfect. Our class’s earlier round of practicing playing for dancing was such a success that we did it again. Fifteen-minute solo timeslots, and a lot of really quite good dance music.

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Andrea and I spent a lovely afternoon at our friend Leif Alpsjö‘s house playing tunes with nice folks. We stopped at Viksta-Lasse’s memorial stone in Viksta on the way there. Everyone of course brought their own fika. I kind of forgot to take pictures during the more populous parts of the day.

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Jeanette & Mats at Stallet

Jeanette Eriksson and Mats Berglund played an awesome concert-and-dance gig at Stallet. I didn’t make it to the show myself, but Andrea brought me a couple of little movies — and Jeanette said it was OK for me to post them for y’all, yaay! Slängpolska efter Johan Christian Blomgren — one of my favorite tunes […]

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Salty dog rag

This week’s Tobotorsdag concert featured playing by the Tierps spelmanslag, and sometimes also dancing by Strömbergs folkdansgille. I took a couple of quickie little movies I thought y’all might be interested to see: The salty dog rag — showing its roots as a schottis variant. The tune we know for it was nowhere to be […]

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