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Väsen meets Trio X

A bunch of us piled into a couple of cars for a trip to Söderfors, where Väsen was playing a collaborative concert with a jazz trio. They created a lot of new repertoire together for this special project, working out new arrangements and stretching each other’s boundaries. It was really interesting stuff. Each trio also […]

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Österbybruk tour

Our second spelträff with P-G started with tunes and fika, but then we added a special rainy-day driving tour of Österbybruk, featuring sites important to the Jernberg tradition. We stopped in to visit his house (and pick up a CD, and eat some freshly baked apple cake), but mostly we pointed things out through the […]

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Tobotorsdag: Silverbasorkestern

ESI runs a ~twice-monthly concert series, Tobotorsdag (Tobo Thursdays), and this week was the first of the season. Our guest artists were the Silverbasorkestern, whom I had vaguely supposed might all be playing silverbas harpa. But nope: of the six band members, only two are playing harpa — and one of those also plays a […]

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Spelträff i Grillby

On Sunday I had my first spelträff (play date) with Alice, the buttonbox player we met at the Byss-Calle stämman last month. She is, it turns out, the only woman riksspelman on durspel (two-row button accordion) today. When someone asked me recently what’s been the most fun thing that’s happened since I got to Sweden, […]

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Settling in

Who should appear for the weekend but our friends Thomas and Ingrid from Borås! I knew Thomas was coming for some course weekends, and that there was a course happening this weekend, but I hadn’t put those bits together. Successes: Phone bill deciphered! Ingrid made the whole thing behave. It turns out there is detail […]

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Week 37

Noteworthy this week: Surprise visit from Genticorum on Monday afternoon, which of course entailed their all trying their hands at nyckelharpa. Hasse Gille came in as our guest teacher on Wednesday. His playing manages to be both rough and polished, somehow, and full of joy. Banking report: it turns out we aren’t eligible to open […]

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