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Salty dog rag

This week’s Tobotorsdag concert featured playing by the Tierps spelmanslag, and sometimes also dancing by Strömbergs folkdansgille. I took a couple of quickie little movies I thought y’all might be interested to see: The salty dog rag — showing its roots as a schottis variant. The tune we know for it was nowhere to be […]

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Umefolk festival report

OK, so maybe traveling to Helsinki and Tallinn and Umeå all in the same week is not the most restful possible vacation… What a great little festival! Again, as at Linköping last fall, there were so many good concerts I wanted to go to that there wasn’t really any time left over for jamming. Favorites: […]

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The ferry experience

Anni maintains that it’s an important cultural experience to take the overnight ferry between Finland and Sweden, and also to try out the gigantic dinner buffet onboard. I think the buffet price itself may even have been more than the share of the four-person cabin, but together they still worked out to only about $70 […]

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Not quite 24 hours in Tallinn

Tallinn is a popular quick-shopping-trip destination from Helsinki. In the off-season the ferry lines run specials together with the hotels they also own, such that it’s cheaper to go there and stay overnight than to take just a day-trip — or at least it is if there are four of you. Or six, if you […]

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Around town in Helsinki

Just a slideshow this time, with some captions.

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Island fortress

Anni took us on a little ferry excursion to Suomenlinna (Sveaborg, på Svenska). It was interesting to be doing a common summer tourist activity on a cold and blowy winter late-afternoon, kind of stark and quiet, pretty much just us and the locals. We walked around a little loop and took some dramatic photos and […]

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