Practice spel till dans

Since several of us have been wanting to get more practice at playing for dancing, and our dancers are ever-obliging, a couple of folks organized a dance evening where anyone who wanted to play could sign up for a 15-minute slot. Andrea and I signed up, since of course we are scouting for opportunities to practice before Umefolk, and also I signed up for a solo set on harpa because it sounded a little scary.

I was impressed by how well everyone played, and by how many of us took up the challenge. There was some really great dance music, in every single set, all evening! Everyone did a great job of managing whatever nervousness came up. Reviews say my solo went fine too, even “Trollrikepolskan” (a bit of a stretch at dance tempo), and that I totally got away with playing one of my own schottises. (Well, OK, one review and it’s from Andrea. That counts.)

I didn’t get a lot of pics because I was mostly busy dancing. But I would say the event was an unqualified success, and there is a rumor that there will be more to come.

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