Let the adventures begin!

We have landed! Mills and I had a successful voyage, and are now happily ensconced in my room at ESI. Though he has the good sense to be asleep at the moment.

My primary purposes for this blog, at the moment, are two: (1) to keep friends/family apprised of how things are going here, post some photos, tell some stories, and (2) to create an archive of what I learned during the long arduous process of preparing to study abroad, in the hope of helping others who follow.

Although in the obvious sense my adventure begins today with our arrival in Sweden, I’ve been preparing so intensely for this arrival for so many weeks/months that I have a huge backlog of material I’ve been wanting to collate here. My friend Lane kept a blog about attending this same course a couple of years ago, and I found her notes very helpful during my planning process. I’d like to share the fruits of my own web sleuthing and logistics-wrangling as well.

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