Eva & Jonas at Stallet

Eva Karlsson and Jonas Bleckman played a super-amazingly-awesome dance evening at Stallet. If you are not already a fan of fiddle-and-cello duos (though isn’t everyone?), stay tuned for their hopefully-forthcoming CD.

(More movie snippets: see also this excerpt of a familiar Finnskogspols, which I’m sure one of you kind folks will identify for me since Jonas wasn’t sure, and the dramatic ending of the final final dance.)

Friendliest dance floor yet: one genuine Swedish experienced dancer actually asked me to dance, all by himself! Two if you count the one who looked like he was getting around to asking me right when I asked him. And of course I am perfectly capable of assuming responsibility for my own dance card as needed. So I had quite a few very nice dances, in a very energetic and enthusiastic crowd, on a fairly dense but usually not life-threateningly packed floor. Andrea and several other classmates came down from Tobo for the occasion as well.

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