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Sibelius Academy

One of the things I most wanted to do in Helsinki is get to play for a little while with my friend Juha, whom I met at the Vendelstämman in 2007 when he was on his way home from ESI’s summer course week. His Karuna CD came out around the same time as Northlands and […]

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Finnish National Museum

We loved the National Museum. I could’ve spent much longer there. (And I could’ve taken even more photos if I’d remembered to charge my camera battery first.) Favorite bits: costuming from 12th c. through modern, a smattering of musical instruments, a silent B&W film showing a Sami man going about his business of trapping and […]

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Svenska Teatern

The Swedish theater in Helsinki is currently running Kristina från Duvemåla, a musical that was a smash hit in Sweden in the ’90s, and Elisabet especially was thrilled that we’d have the chance to see it live (she knows all the songs by heart). This was an extra-special outing and I was so glad she’d […]

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Quick trip to Helsinki

Winter break means time to travel just a little. And having a hospitable classmate from Helsinki — Anni is studying with us at ESI between years at the Sibelius Academy — means we get expert travel guide service at unbeatable pricing! So Andrea and I, and also our classmate Elisabet (who is from Stockholm), joined […]

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Dance week at ESI

This week we’ve had an extra 18 people here for a week-long dance course. That’s a lot of people in the kitchen, and a lot of shoes! Tuesday evening we had a special dance night with Kjell-Erik Eriksson and Patrik Andersson, each of whom was here for part of the week playing for the dancers. […]

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Snow, week 7

Pretty pics!

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