Zorn meeting

Since this summer’s uppspelning will be in Tobo, the planning committee and the jury were here for a weekend-long meeting. On Saturday night they jammed for a while in the dining room, and since one of them was borrowing Andrea’s fiddle, we asked if we could go and listen. We had a fun couple hours of lurking in the back of the room — they were all friendly but it was not obviously appropriate for us to join in, though I did dare to borrow Cajsa’s fiddle a couple times toward the end there.

But then as the party was breaking up at midnight, they launched into a tune I love, so instead of picking up my instrument and heading out, I picked it up and headed back in and asked for one more time through the tune. Peter Pedersen in particular was so friendly and encouraging that I ended up playing for a couple of hours with him and Wille Grindsäter, mostly Hälsingland tunes. They told a story about the time they played all night with an American banjo player and didn’t know until they saw the newspaper later that it was Pete Seeger.


Pic courtesy of Peter Pedersen, and Anders Ewalds who was wielding his camera at the time.

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