Vacation week in Göteborg

(We are supposed to call it Gothenburg in English, but I think Göteborg sounds nicer.)

Mills flew out to spend a week with me during winter break! He arrived on Xmas day, slightly the worse for wear after an airport-food adventure, but he perked up again by the next morning. We stayed with our friend Urban — whom we met in Borås last summer, because he was traveling with Jan, whom I’d met in Rättvik in 2005. Urban had said we could borrow his apartment for a couple days, as he and his daughter Hannah would be away for some of the time anyway — but we ended up staying at his place the whole week, thanks to their extraordinary generosity.

Mills and I did a lot of walking around the city and a fair amount of museum-ing. I think I’ll try to break the bits out into separate posts, because there are lots of photos!

To start us off, here are some of my favorite mostly-architectural pics from around town. Lots of great design! Beautifully crafted buildings, walk- and bike- and baby-buggy-friendly streets, separate traffic channels for mass transit. Plus, slightly off-topic: a rainbow of shopping bags that fold up into bunnies!

(Click to view larger image, click again to magnify)

collage of Gothenburg views

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