Gott nyt år!

We were honored to be included in the New Year’s Eve gathering that Urban and Hannah traditionally attend with some friends — there were 9 of us altogether, I believe. It was the first time either Mills or I had started a new year abroad, and it certainly got our year off to a good start. Lots of good food, some tutorials in artistic napkin-folding, some singing and a very brief small-space schottis, some fiddle tunes from a variety of Swedish traditions, some board games (Sequence worked well as a 9-player game) and non-board games, fireworks and champagne at midnight, pleasant conversation and super-friendly people,…

Then on New Year’s day we had another chance to play tunes with Urban and David, since there hadn’t been nearly enough tunes yet. In the evening Mills and I migrated to a hotel right near the train station so he’d have an easy early-morning commute to the airport, to offset his adventurous three-flight itinerary.

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