Göteborg city museums

Udo joined us for a day, and picked two really fun ways to show us the city. First he took us to the Älvrummet, where there is a humongous table with a scale model of (a large swath of) the city — it’s used for city planning purposes, and shows some proposed new developments so that everyone can see what is actually being proposed. An excellent choice of a way to see the city on a day when it is pouring cold rain! Then we spent a fun afternoon at the Stadsmuseum (city museum).

Price of all this museum-going? Your 40 SEK ($6) ticket to any of five main museums is actually an annual admission card for all five (not the Älvrummet, that’s free), and they were giving out the 2013 card in late 2012!

Another day Mills and I walked over to see the big church, Masthuggskyrkan, at full size. I’ll tack a couple of pics from that day here too.

(Trying out another photo viewer. Different drawbacks. Better?)

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