Winterscapes at ESI

Lots of snow! Y’know how when you make a gingerbread house, sometimes the icing that is supposed to be snow gets all gloopy, and then it looks too improbably droopy to represent real snow? That’s what the roof of the Annex (our dorm building) has been looking like. But then the snow starts to slide and come crashing off in big sheets. Then it looks rather less like (and makes rather more noise than) icing. It is quite entertaining.

Also including a pic of my pet icicles — which were callously knocked down before the concert, before I could see whether they would really make a whole sheet of ice in front of the window (sadly did not get a pic of the height of their career) — and another pic showing what the back of Niklas’s car looked like when he arrived from Järvsö after spending several hours on snowy roads. Plus, finally managed to get a couple pics of the birds who visit outside my window; they usually don’t sit still long enough for my camera to focus.

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