Winter weekend

It is now officially winter! The snow seems to make the train schedules a little erratic, though I’ve been lucky so far. Happily, the roads and paths are well cleared. On Saturday I went to Stockholm to play with Anders again (yaay!) — all layered up in case the promised 15–20°F temperatures coincided with stranding me at a train station somewhere. Proud innovation moment: my travel pants, which in summer are notable for their converting-to-shorter-pants and having-many-large-pockets features, in winter make excellent snow pants! So I donned my 3 pairs of pants and 5 shirts plus sweater and coat, and was perfectly toasty warm. (Except for my hands, which are expecting higher-grade mitten technology soon by special post from Mom, yaay again! Though also it would be smart if I’d remember to keep my mittens on when taking photos.)

On Sunday I took advantage of the lovely sunny day to go for a little walk, so here is a little collage with some of my pics. That beautiful late-afternoon sunlight was between 1:30-2:30pm.

(Click to enlarge, click again to zoom.)

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