We rounded off our first semester with a big midday smörgåsbord feast. Some of the ESI Board members and/or notables showed up too, though we didn’t meet them all. There were some dances beforehand and some songs afterward — we had learned a song in class featuring someone who ate so much that his belly split, so that came in handy.

The background mural is a witty piece by Gunnar Ahlbäck, made for the occasion of welcoming the new year 2000, but certainly worthy of seasonal admiration for many subsequent years. He says it didn’t take him weeks to come up with, just an evening. I told him he is welcome to come and paint a mural at my house anytime. I’m posting detail pics in case all y’all are similarly amused. Or in case you need advice about how to motivate a polar bear.

In other news, I finally received my replacement hair clippers in the mail (and got a ride to Örbyhus to pick them up, and convinced the clerks to let me have the package even though they weren’t allowed to pass it over to a recipient who doesn’t have a personnummer), thus ending a several-month struggle. The first set of clippers I acquired in August was not, shall we say, passionate about its mission of cutting hair, preferring instead to chew on it a bit. Soon, no more horrible crunchy noise from too-long hair on my collar, yaay!

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