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Library card

I found something exciting and official you can do without a personnummer in Sweden: get your very own library card! So now I know where the library is in Tierp, and I have a (small) pile of (children’s) books to prove it. I also conducted the whole errand in Swedish — except that I discovered […]

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Andrea’s and my first Swedish aurora! Johannes has been tracking the scientific data for several weeks, so he has a pretty good idea of when it might be worth going out to look. Also he’s scoped out our best nearby vantage point, which is just off the bike path toward the train station, at the […]

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Quiet weekend in Uppland

Mostly quiet around here for the weekend, just a couple of nice concerts to spice things up. Plus some homework, some tunes, I started reading my Pooh book in Swedish,… This weekend the distanskurs class was back, so there was a short concert for them (and us) here on Saturday evening with Bosse Larsson and […]

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Eva & Jonas at Stallet

Eva Karlsson and Jonas Bleckman played a super-amazingly-awesome dance evening at Stallet. If you are not already a fan of fiddle-and-cello duos (though isn’t everyone?), stay tuned for their hopefully-forthcoming CD. (More movie snippets: see also this excerpt of a familiar Finnskogspols, which I’m sure one of you kind folks will identify for me since […]

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Fall break

I spent the week in Stockholm, and pretty much in Swedish. It was a fun week, and I was especially pleased about the “in Swedish” part. I stayed with Alice K, a friend from home who is in the country for about 3 months and was staying at the home of a cousin in the […]

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