Library card

I found something exciting and official you can do without a personnummer in Sweden: get your very own library card! So now I know where the library is in Tierp, and I have a (small) pile of (children’s) books to prove it. I also conducted the whole errand in Swedish — except that I discovered I had forgotten how to pronounce (some of) the names of letters, so I needed to write down my email address rather than attempting to spell it out. Dang, and I even have a handy ref table for that in the back of my grammar book.

I checked out the two Pettson & Findus books that were available — thanks in part to recs from all y’all — and they were instantly popular when I brought them home. Now also soliciting suggestions for chapter books; my Winnie-ther-Pooh reading is going well, albeit not very fast.

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