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Nordic Dance video snippet

Here’s a little snippet of the super-awesome performance by the Nordic Dance youth group at Linköping this past weekend. The dance is Bodapolska, and our classmate David is one of the dancers. They should totally put their whole show on a DVD.

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I realize I have been remiss in not identifying our cast of characters, but I was thinking I would pull together something super-informative and organized and ask everyone’s permission to post photos and stuff. Wouldn’t that be cool? But meanwhile, here is a simple list. The spelkurs has 11 students: nyckelharpa and fiddle — me, […]

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Linköpings folkmusikfestival

Most of our class went to Linköping for a grand weekend of music festival excesses. I am pleased to report that the Tobo spelmanslag (9 of our 11 course members) played really well! We’ve been rehearsing hard for about three weeks (including most evenings for the last couple of weeks), selecting three tunes we’ve learned […]

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We’re legal! Andrea and I went into Uppsala for the afternoon and made our pilgrimage to the office in charge of processing our residence-permit paperwork. Getting there is not super-convenient (and it turns out I was wrong about our UL transit passes working also on city buses — evidently they’re only good on the regional […]

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Last week Magnus Gustafsson came in as our guest teacher for two days. We spent the first day learning about an instrument classification system created (presumably in German) by Sachs and Hornbostel, learning the Swedish names of lots of obscure folk instruments from around the world, but with emphasis on ones from the Nordic countries. […]

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Salsta slott

On Saturday I went to play with Alice again, and spent the night there. We talked a lot and played a lot and did not sleep a lot. On Sunday, Andrea and I spent a lovely fall afternoon and evening with Leif. He took us to see his local baroque castle, Salsta slott, and we […]

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