We’re legal! Andrea and I went into Uppsala for the afternoon and made our pilgrimage to the office in charge of processing our residence-permit paperwork. Getting there is not super-convenient (and it turns out I was wrong about our UL transit passes working also on city buses — evidently they’re only good on the regional buses), but we were braced for a crazy-long wait in line and were pleasantly surprised to be out of there in 45 minutes. They now have our fingerprints on file (digital scans, no black fingers), and we’ll have what looks like a photo ID card but is actually only useful on occasions when we are crossing the Swedish border. Yay?

Since we were in town anyway, we added a few errands to our day. First we stopped for a large and/yet pleasing lunch at an Italian market/café, of the food-museum persuasion. Then we walked back into town, glad of our warm layers and rather wishing for a couple more. We stopped at the second-hand stores and picked up a few new toys, figured out where Andrea could mail her package (it seems there mostly aren’t really post offices anymore), bought some office/school supplies. It was a nice afternoon off, courtesy of the schedule allowing us private-lesson-day midweek.

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