Fall concert awesomeness

Our first student concert was a smashing success. I was really impressed by how well everything pulled together: complicated arrangements with the entire group, small ensembles, instrument changes, introductions, medleys with songs,… all of it with everyone working together, having fun and seeming, by and large, pretty calm. Everyone had some responsibilities for leading a larger group and performing in a smaller one and making an introduction, in addition to remembering a whole slew of arrangements. Everyone was so well prepared that any little glitches were comfortably absorbed. Even the logistics of moving 11 people around in an organized fashion — with a different configuration for every single number for two full sets — seemed to go off without a hitch, as far as I could tell. (I personally ended up with a lineup that entailed switching instruments a preposterous number of times, which may motivate me to put in more planning time on the set-list front before our holiday concert.)

And… snow! First flurries of the year, between when I walked over to the main hall and when the concert started. Enough to show a few flakes on the ground, and then a few more in the morning.

Pics mostly kinda blurry but I’ll post anyway, since they are otherwise pleasant.

I think there will be YouTube bits later, which will make up for my not getting around to reporting anything about the actual music.

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