I realize I have been remiss in not identifying our cast of characters, but I was thinking I would pull together something super-informative and organized and ask everyone’s permission to post photos and stuff. Wouldn’t that be cool? But meanwhile, here is a simple list.

The spelkurs has 11 students:

  • nyckelharpa and fiddle — me, Elisabet (Kungsängen SV), Marie (Linköping SV), Anni (Helsinki FI), Saana (Kaustinen FI), Johannes (Münster DE)
  • nyckelharpa — Einar (Nortällje SV), Jonathan (Oskarshamn SV), Jonatan (Alvesta SV)
  • fiddle — Andrea (US), Matilda (Vallentuna SV)

(There’s a wide variety of other instruments around here, too — Jonathan in particular has a whole roomful, and was pressed into service as our bass player in Linköping.)

The danskurs has 6 students: David (Borås SV), Johanna (Kungsängen SV), Johanna (Linköping SV), Alma (Karlstad SV), Bo (Ormeshaga SV), Chloe (Bristol UK).

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