Settling in

Who should appear for the weekend but our friends Thomas and Ingrid from Borås! I knew Thomas was coming for some course weekends, and that there was a course happening this weekend, but I hadn’t put those bits together.


  • Phone bill deciphered! Ingrid made the whole thing behave. It turns out there is detail if you scroll down to find the subtle paging links within the popup display. It further turns out that if you get to the bill from a different path, you gain an arrow icon that yields a pdf download, so you can see the whole doc. Now the only remaining surprise is the 250kr startup fee for the acct — did I know about that??
  • Phone bill paid! Less important that I can’t have a bank account to wire funds if I can just hand over cash directly.
  • Fun shopping excursion! I went with Ingrid on her errand to the computers-&c store in Uppsala, and she augmented the trip to take us to the giant loppis (~flea-market) in Vendel. Where we didn’t find a computer desk for me, but I got a nice book of folk songs and a new mug of pleasing form and dimension, and she picked up a few things too.
  • Acquired a computer desk!! Found through the classifieds on (~craigslist). There was a period of dismay after I learned that rather than being in Tierp (15 min away), the desk was living in Skärplinge (more like 35 min, hence the theory that Vendel might be more convenient). But Anni kindly loaned me her car for an hour+, and Andrea came along as navigator. VERY excited to have a usable work environment, so I don’t have to do all my computing while hunkered on my bed.

Also there was a tea-and-scones party (thanks to Andrea for yummy scones), followed by watching part of the BBC Pride and Prejudice. I am not sure why we are having English parties, but I am always in favor of scones. Oh, and Andrea also made a big pan of mac-and-cheese with leftover pizza-cheese. Because she is awesome.

my spiffy new workspace

my spiffy new workspace

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