Quick stop in Örebro

We were only in Örebro for a couple of hours, but I thought you might like to see pics of pretty buildings. We had a little picnic on a lawn overlooking the castle, then a wee perambulation around town before it was time to go catch our train. I’m including a pic of calligraphy in stone, for those of you who appreciate that sort of thing.

Though also, another report of credit-card tribulations: Since we had a couple of hours and a fiddle to carry, we thought we’d stow our stuff in a locker. The locker does accept credit cards, but not ours. Then after I went and got change, it swallowed all of my coins but would only register some of them, and wouldn’t return any. Long phone maze told me how to file a complaint form, which I will probably do at some point before I lose the notes.

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