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Butterflies and bumblebees

I’ve seen a variety of butterfly gardens, but this one in Karlskoga is also for bees. There are even a couple of bee-houses, each of different construction. I spent a little while learning to use the aperture priority on my new camera so I could take more satisfying pics of the critters, though they still […]

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Wooga wooga from Karlskoga

(I was going to call this post “Visit with a heathen,” but I’m going with Mills’s suggestion instead.) In Karlskoga we got a chance to visit with Anders Norudde, builder and inventor of many violin-related and harpa-related instruments. He’s also well known as a musician, notably with the band Hedningarna (“The Heathens”), and has a […]

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Meeting new(-to-me) cousins

From Borås we headed west to Goteborg, and then back out a short commuter-hop to Partille. I’ve long heard of the existence of relatives from my father’s side who live in Sweden, but this was the first time I’ve had a chance to get out to the west side of the country to meet them. […]

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Borås: the friendly west coast

(pics first for now, until i figure out how to conjure a polite display behavior from this thing) It happened like this: last summer Ingrid & Thomas flew to the US to teach Swedish dances at NFF (Scandi music/dance camp in NH), and they invited everyone to join them this summer in Borås for the […]

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Well-rounded first day

We had a bit of extra drama getting onto the train from Arlanda to Tobo. It all seemed perfectly straightforward until I needed an extra 30 seconds to tuck something back into my pack, which problem I discovered just as the train pulled to a stop in the station. Mills gathered his stuff, went to […]

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The enormous suitcase

Thanks again to the several friends who responded to my FB appeal for “a large suitcase you don’t need to see for a year.” The one I ended up borrowing has the distinction of being large enough to fit me inside it, while staying about an inch under the total maximum dimensions for SAS checked […]

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