Mills’s last day

Yesterday we went into Uppsala for the afternoon, on Mills’s last day before he had to fly home. Andrea and I had a few errands to do, but mostly we went for a walk around town and looked at fun things. We checked out the well stocked Myrorna thrift store, where Andrea bought a nice soft floral duvet cover and I got a couple of promising-looking children’s books in Swedish. We went to a toy store, where they had many fun Moomin toys and where we each bought a deck of cards that’s designed as a tool for teaching little kids their alphabet, but which works just as well for teaching big kids the Swedish names of cute cartoon animals. We investigated some options for getting Andrea a Swedish cell phone. Mills perused some real estate listings for great apartments he could buy in Uppsala, for not-exactly-cheap — because, hey, ya never know.

The best part of our outing was that Mills took us out to dinner at the upscale restaurant Peppar Peppar, on a tip from Elin (who attended culinary school before she attended the dance course here). Our meal was exquisite. We aren’t sure whether we now officially like reindeer, or only when it’s prepared by the best chef in Uppsala. Mills proclaimed the duck the best he had ever eaten. Overall it was a fitting celebration, and a memorable occasion.

This morning I walked Mills to the Tobo station for the 7:41 train, and watched my flight-tracker map his progress across the ocean. He’s safely landed in NJ now, visiting tonight with Kathy & Spence before driving my little car home tomorrow.

Y’all take good care of him over there while I’m away, OK?

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