Andrea’s here!

She made it! Thanks in part to flying Iceland Air, because it turns out that the customs office there couldn’t care less why you’re going to Sweden or whether your student visa was successfully processed before the office went on summer vacation, and then when you get to Stockholm the Swedish customs desk doesn’t need to talk to you at all because you’ve already been custom-ized.

Andrea and Mills went for a nice walk while I played with computers, and then we all went out to the Mathuset (the only food-related establishment in Tobo) for dinner.

We had a fun evening hanging out with Elin and David, a couple of alumni who came back as volunteers for the weekend to help out with the big birthday bash. Elin was in the dance course last year; David was here a few years ago playing nyckelharpa and fiddle, and has since been in Esbjörn’s harpa-building course. Mills and I baked a small chocolate cake in honor of Andrea’s first day here, since I figured it would be important scientific research to find out whether a store-brand cake mix turned into yummy food. (Yup.)

Andrea's in Tobo!

Andrea’s in Tobo!

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